Air Polisher /Teeth Polishing Prophy

Air Polisher /Teeth Polishing Prophy
Item# D-M4

Product Description

You are bidding on on one tooth polishing air prophy unit. This mini, lightweight. air-powered tooth polisher can be used to remove plaque from a variety of surfaces. Using a combination of air pressure and polishing powder, our air prophy system gives teeth back their natural whiteness. Whether polishing natural tooth enamal, porcelain, metal, or resin, our air prophy unit effectively gets rid of stains from coffee, tea, wine, food, smoking, and etc., leaving you with a bright and beautiful smile!

Specifications & Features

  • Compact ergonomic design
  • Our 360 degree rotation effectively cleans even hidden tartar
  • Especially designed to minimize splash-back
  • Highly efficient jet of sand powder and pressurized air insures even polishing while reducing kinetic energy loss
  • Easy operation, clean up, and maintenence
  • Withstands high pressure and heat
  • Working head of the polisher can be easily sterilized by submerging it in boiling water
  • Water pressure: 0.05MPa - 0.5MPa
  • Air pressure: 0.2MPa-0.5MPa
  • Max. Water-flow: 30ml/min
  • Max. Powder-flow: 2g-3g/min
  • 4-Hole standard connection
  • Weight: 1lbs

Packing List

  • One Air Polisher
  • Two Spare cover
  • Two clean needles
  • One operational manual in English