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Product Description

Product Description
    The HL-YMC Impression Material Mixer is the new product of our company. This is the medical instrument that helps to make the false teeth model. It replaces the handwork to mixing the Impression Material. It works efficient, even- mixed without bubble .

  • Power switch is the black and ship form one that behind of the machine. Press the power switch and connect the electric power
  • The bowl is connected with the machine. Take the bowl into the groove, and then turn clockwise, which is locked. On the contrary, that can take out
  • ON/OFF switch: the ON switch is on the left operation panel. When you push first time, that is slow running, and push second time is the high speed running. The OFF switch on the right of the operation panel. Push it, the machine will been stopped immediately
  • Stop working if overload: if the motor was overloaded, it will stop rotation automatically after 3S, press start key again to rotation
  • Specifications

    • Power supply: AC 110Ví└5%, 50 HZ, three tapes earthing
    • Rotation speed: low-speed rotation: 120rpm/min, high-speed rotation: 250rpm/min
    • Warning in time: after 40S, the warning light flashing, it will have beep sound warning that please use the Impression Material immediately, or it will dried

    Package Includes

  • Mixer 1 set
  • Cup 1 pcs
  • Plastic knife 2 kit
  • Mix bowl 2 pcs
  • Fuse 2 pcs
  • Manual 1 pcs
  • Conformity certificate 1 pcs
  • Warranty card 1 pcs