Dental Ultrasonic Scaler

Dental Ultrasonic Scaler
Item# AM-K

Product Description


  • The handpiece is cast from titanium alloy to ensure sound mechanic function and durability
  • Assembling with excellent piezo-ceramic, the handpiece has high and long lasting power and generates little heat
  • Detachable handpiece can be autoclaved under the high temperature of 135 and pressure of 0.22Mpa avoiding cross-infection effectively
  • The material of handpiece made in America is appointed material of aero plastic components in Europe and America, which is FDA and NSF certificated.
  • Five pieces scaling tips included, 1 piece of G1#, 1 piece of G2#, 1 piece of G3#, 1 piece of G4# and 1 piece of P1#
  • The scaling tip is made of special material. The cavitation produced from the end of the scaling tip makes the cleaning of teeth and the killing of germ easy
  • Automatic frequency tracking ensures that the machine always works on the best frequency
  • Isolate static avoids the uncomfortable feeling while cleaning the teeth
  • Built-out power supply makes working become much more steady and dependable
  • The adjustment range of the amplitude is much wider than before
  • To eliminate the dental calculus, bacterial plaque, and tea scales on the teeth quickly without hurting the gum and the enamel
  • Small and light designed, easy operation
  • Reasonable price and lifetime maintenances

Technical specificalions

  • Power supply£º220V¡À22V 50Hz/60Hz 150mA
  • Main unit input £º24V 50Hz/60Hz 1.3A
  • Output power£º3W-20W
  • Frequency£º28kHz¡À3kHz
  • Water pressure: 0.01MPa/0.5MPa
  • Dimension£º175mm¡Á120mm¡Á65mm
  • Main unit weight£º0.76kg
  • Power supply weight£º1.25kg