Item# P-3SET

Product Description

    The pipette use principal of Suction and drainage, control moving distance of the piston in its sleeve, negative pressure occurred, the quantitative liquid is drew. The moving distsnce of piston is conteolled by adjustable wheel. It is used conveniently and reliably. Especially the pipettes under volume 200 µl as the tips used are the same, so it avoids the troubie to purchase many types of tip.

    Set of three variable volume pipette: H10(1-10µl) H100 (10-100µl) H1000(100-1000µl)


    • With good looking
    • Novel structure
    • High precision
    • Light weight
    • Tight seal
    • Direct reading 
    • Easy using and long life
    • It not only make you convenient but the quality and precision are lead in domestic market
    • They are widely used in medical, chemical, scientific research department and schools, etc.
    • Weight: 1lbs