Root Canal Locator

Root Canal Locator
Item# D-ROOT
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Product Description

You are bidding on a high quality precise Root Canal Locator. It adopts the latest technologies used for measuring the working length of patients' teeth. It is equipped with the fifth generation electro-circuitry the most advanced technology available on the market.


    • Precise measurement results; Works in any environment irrespective of any fluids or blood in the root canal
    • Effective at any thickness level of the root canal file.
    • Beeping sound enables easy monitoring of the file tip position.
    • Automatic adjustment; NO need to make any changes.
    • High resolution, color LCD display enables exact visualization of the file tip position.
    • Can be sterilized by autoclave to easily prevent cross infection between patients.
    • Power saving feature automatically turns unit off after 20 mins. of no use, maintaining a  long battery life.
    • Battery power is indicated on the LCD screen.
    • Soft alarm sound.
    • Special hands-free earphone connectivity.
    • Stylish root file unit holder.
    • Root canal holder, alternatively electrode can be sterilized by autoclave.
    • Contact point of root canal file is made from high quality metal.
    • Weight: 3lbs