Tooth Whitener

Tooth Whitener
Item# D-B02

Product Description

In just 30 minutes, our professional teeth bleaching system can make your teeth up to 5-14 shades whiter! Delivering an average improvement of 8 shades, our whitening system uses advanced dental technology to give you the brightest smile possible for years to come! Our tooth whitening accelerator kit uses a safe, tested, hydrogen peroxide-based SEMO whitening gel to effectively remove stains due to smoking, coffee, tea, wine, certain medicines (such as tetrocycline), and even genetics.

In addition to providing you with optimal cosmetic results, our high-power LED light source contains an advanced light filtration system that ensures patient safety. Also, our fast-acting SEMO whitening gel is approved for use with any teeth whitening accelerator on the market! Don't delay, you're only 30 minutes away from a brighter, healthier-looking smile!


-A high-power 6-LED light system with light strength up to 800-1200mw/cm2.

-Whitens up to 16 teeth simultaneously

-Choose from 6 different 5-30 minute whitening programs

-Automatic alerts at every 5-minute interval

-Large, easy to read LCD screen makes set-up and operation a breeze

-One session can whiten your smile between 5-14 shades for up to 1 year