Dental Wet Model Trimmer

Dental Wet Model Trimmer
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Product Description

You are biding on a Brand New Dental Wet Model Trimmer 10" Wheel, coming strait out of the factory. This unit is Portable and very easy to use.


    • Equipped with 10" fast cutting abrasive disc
    • 14Ħħ high, 14Ħħ wide, 17Ħħ deep
    • 110 volt, 50-60 hz, 7A standard (220 volt, 50-60 hz, 3A available)
    • 10" Abrasive Disc Wheel
    • Weight: 20kg 


    • Connect the water pipe to the nozzle; connect the other end to the tap, then open the valve
    • Connect the sewage drain to the outlet, and then stretch the drawtubee
    • Connect the power, and then open the power switch (O turn off / turn on). The machine adopts no-load brake (stop the free running sand tablet quickly). It is normal to hear clicking sound before the sand tablet stops
    • While the sand tablet makes big noise or unusual sound, remove it, use the six-angle wrench to fix the screw on the bushing in the rear cover 18
    • Replaced with new sand tablet, put hard ringlet on the platform 8 (closest to the outside of the sand tablet). Use hand to rotate the sand tablet and estimate. If the jumpiness of the platform is greater than 2mm, change the sand tablet, which is less than 2mm
    • Any other questions, please contact us: